Stratasys Ltd.

Stratasys Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer and provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions.

We have customized and developed a portal system called "PartnerZone" for Stratasys customer support employees and business partners around the world, allowing them controlled and personalized access to corporate data.

The system started with 50 users and grew to serve thousands of users, while adding more and more functionalities and capabilities along the way, as well as integration with other systems such as SFDC, Oracle, mobile app and more.

Integrating with Mobile Applications
"Pronto" iPad application was developed and integrated successfully with secured access to the PartnerZone system. The app enables real time and off-line access to personalized and user-selected data on the system, filling and synchronizing support forms, sending requests for spare parts and more, all managed and controlled by the PartnerZone system.


National Memorial Hall, Mt. Herzl

The memorial hall is made of more than 23,500 bricks comprise the walls, each with the engraved name of a fallen soldier, the date the soldier was killed and a digital candle to be lit on the anniversary of the soldier’s death.

We developed an end-to-end software solution comprised of web-based guiding stations, digital Yahrzeit Presentation, exclusive mobile application and a full local back-end system.

New technology assist visitors to connects with fallen stories
Computer vision and augmented reality solutions were implemented into the National Memorial hall application, in order to provide visitors with the ability to access each fallen personal story on the official memorial website "IZKOR" by using the smartphone camera.